Added One Click Printing of Blank SBS Charts

Ever since I had to shut down due to extreme old age and my lack of time and energy to completely re-write it, I have been looking for a suitable replacement for it. has had the capability to replace it right from the start. But it was always a clumsy process, if all you wanted to do was to create blank charts so that you could finish them by hand.

I have finally made it easy to create your horizontal chart, do your paragraph titles, and finally click one link to print all your charts, ready for hand charting.

This process also formats the page so that the insides are centered like a classical vertical chart as well. I have had many requests for this feature but up until now have not gotten to adding it.

Let me know if you have any issues!


{:> Tom

Download a printable manual for Studyworx

Selection_015Recently there have been several requests for a printable manual for Studyworx. So I have finally created one, although it is a work in progress you can get the new manual by clicking this link, Download Studyworx Manual.

As I said this is a work in progress and I really want this manual to be helpful so if you have any suggestions that you think would improve this manual, please leave your comments below this post. The more people contribute the better the experience with Studyworx will be.

Thanks so much!

{:> Tom

A new site for better support

2014-05-02 13.12.51In an effort to provide better service to all of those that are currently using Studyworx I have set up this site to provide support.

This site will provide news on the latest developments, and has a new support ticket system for technical problems.

Hopefully, this will allow me to provide better service to all those who use Studyworx.

Thanks so much!

{:> Tom

Welcome to Quickworx! is a support site for

If you have any ideas for improving Studyworx or if you are in need of support please feel free to contact me.

Please enter your contact details and a short message below and I will try to answer your question as soon as possible. If you are writing concerning a possible bug in the program, please use the ticket system on the support page.