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Welcome to QuickWorx!

This site serves as a home to my two main projects. – A complete online educational platform with specialized tools for Inductive Biblical Studies.

Studyworx 3 coming in the summer of 2013! – An online generator of blank SBS charts.

QuickFrame is in danger of extinction – click to read more

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Studyworx 2 has been shut down

This is just a final notice that Studyworx 2 is now officially shut down in favor of Studyworx 3. Please use Studyworx 3 at from this point forward. Thank you everyone, for all of your help, support and patience as Studyworx 3 has been developed. I continue to work on Studyworx, for example my …

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Studyworx 3 is released!

As of July 19th Studyworx 3 has been installed in its permanent home and is ready for action. Features Team based communication and assignments Assignments can be given and timed by team giving the staff much more flexibility in managing student assignments. Students and staff can also create personal teams for communicating with groups of …

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